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CNC-4x4 Trail Adoption

Location: Uwharrie National Forest
Troy, North Carolina.
Date: 1st Sat of each month

CNC has adopted a Trail at Uwharrie National Forest ( SLAB PILE )

  • CNC will be doing this monthly clean up to help keep the trail system open for all to use.

  • We will meet at the Eldorado Outpost and leave to hit the trails at 9:30am

  • Please bring Gloves, garbage bags, and your hiking shoes

  • We will drive to the trail and then park our rigs and walk the trail to pick up everything that we see that should not be there

  • After we clean our trail we will then head out onto the trail system to have a fun day wheeling :)


Trail Ride Rules

  1. These rules shall apply to all participants on CNC-4x4 trail rides: drivers and passengers, including members, family, friends, guests and visitors. Please behave as in a family environment.

  2. No alcohol drinking by anyone. Alcoholic beverages shall not be brought on the trail ride. Any drug use is also forbidden.

  3. Stay on marked trails open for jeep-type vehicles only. Never ride off the trail, climb the trail bank, or drive on closed trails. Stay out of rivers and creeks. Observe Tread Lightly rules!

  4. When winching, use of a tree saver strap is mandatory. Never loop a bare winch cable around a tree because it damages or kills the tree. Put a blanket, jacket or other object over the unwound cable to absorb the tension if the cable breaks. Carry a winch kit, including tree strap, snatch block and clevis. Wear leather gloves when handling winch cable.

  5. No littering. Members are encouraged to pick up cans, bottles and refuse left by other people and carry it out for proper disposal.

  6. Maintain vehicles in a safe operational condition, including license plate and state tag where required, brakes, set belts for every occupant, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, CB radio, proper lights, proper vehicle height, muffler and/or spark arrestor, roll bar/cage, spare tire, jack, flashlight, shovel, tree saver strap, snatch block and tools. Secure all loose objects in your vehicle before moving!

  7. Participants must have liability insurance and other insurance required by home state. Medical insurance is recommended. Driver must have a valid driverís license.

  8. Always keep vehicle behind you in sight. Be sure he doesnít miss any turn you made. Do not tailgate the vehicle in front of you. Rollback or reverse maneuvering is always likely in mountainous terrain.

  9. Assist disabled vehicles whether they are a member of CNC-4x4 or not. Offer to help bring disabled vehicle out of forest. Help others, as you would have them help you.

  10. Each member is asked to enforce these rules within his club and group of friends. The trail boss or leader cannot be everywhere, so it is the responsibility of all members to uphold the good name of the club and association. If someone you do not know is breaking these rules, politely ask them to stop and give them a copy of these rules. If they continue, record their license plate number and report them to the trail boss or appropriate law enforcement.


CNC Board of Directors