The Central North Carolina 4x4 Club ( answered the call for help during the 1/2/02
snowstorm in the greater Raleigh area of North Carolina.

We had a great volunteer effort and handled moving people to mission-critical jobs from home and back.

The agencies we helped were:

Many of our members were on the road in snow and ice for hours just to move a single person a few miles in treacherous weather.

We, as a club, intend to have a review of our activities and design a more streamlined approach to this sort of event. This information will be shared with the local community leaders and agencies to help them understand how we can help them and how we need to handle communication in the future.

This information (structure and guidance) will be available to any organization POC upon request.

Thanks again to our volunteers!

Dustin Tarditi
President, CNC 4x4 Club