URE 2012 Off season workday

Feb 2012


Feb 2012
The workday went well.
We had 5 members and three guests there.
We all met at Hunt Camp for the overall plan and actually got going by 9:30. Thats got to be a record! We worked with Pete and headed off to Slab Pile. Going in we put up 4 pieces of guard rail to block off a bypass area that went through a creek. Greg had his tractor with the auger and made short work of the holes to be dug.
From there we moved on to a couple more places were we used fallen trees to block bypasses. Daniel used his winch several times to drag trees out of the woods. Doug and I wandered off the trail at the 90 degree turn just before you get to the top of the hill and there are some huge rocks about 50 yards off the trail that would make for some great obstacles, doubt they'll ever get included though.
This got us to lunch time. We stopped at our usual spot at the intersection of Rocky Mt and Slab Pile for about 45 minutes.
We then turned around and headed back down the trail picking up trash on the way. We filled up 2-3 bags even with the park closed!
On our way out we passed a couple guys on ATVs that were going around putting up the new trail markers. I'd say we were pretty efficient and ended up leaving around 2 pm.