2008 CNC  Fall Bash

October 17-19, 2008

Uwharrie NF, NC

by Craig S.

In case everybody isn't sick of all these emails yet today here's mine. Aside from all the other pats on the back I wanted to say thanks to Steve F for doing a great job with the games and the help from Doug J and Craig L in running them and also to Ken C and Scott R for handling the raffle. Also thanks to everybody else for attending and I'm sure at one point or another and in some form or another helping out and making this another successful event for CNC. I'll be getting together with David H this week to go over the money raised that we'll be donating as a club to Kevin and Melissa Cox from the raffle and we will let the club know when we do so.

Lastly I wanted to say one last big THANK YOU to Richard and Jay for saving my hide on Sunday. The story is that on Sunday I o to hook up my camper to leave only to not be able to find my tongue and ball. Flash back to Friday night just before I headed out on the night run Friday I saw my tongue and hitch ball still attached to my Jeep from towing down my camper. I thought I remembered pulling the pin and then tossing the tongue and ball under my camper, it turns out I did pull the pin but never removed the tongue and ball. So somewhere along the ride Friday night it worked it's way lose and came off, thanks to everybody following me for paying such close attention ;-) Any ways on Saturday Richard and Jay separated from the modified run and somehow where others had not seen it and a few had even run over it saw a small shiny object buried in the Carolina Clay, stopped to check it out and pulled my tongue and ball out of the mud. Yes I ate some Lucky Charms that morning !!!