Globe NC Recon 2/99 (2 of 2)

By Doug McClain - Mike Yager's Account

Well, here is my story about the reckon to Globe, NC.
Well, the reckon was me (Doug white TJ)
Kevin (4 Runner)
Frank (Toyota truck)
Mike (zuki)
and I think another Mike (98 4 Runner)

I don't think I need to tell you about how I got there or how I got back so ill leave that part out. (Not interesting anyway)

OK time line we left Shoneys (breakfast) about 10 am I guess.  Hey if times are incorrect I don't care. LOL

Anyway we headed down the road not too far we made a right then the road turned into a dirt road then it turned into a trail .(like Uwharrie) It was cool not too hard there was a couple of stream crossings but they were easy.
Then it turned into a real road again. (bummer) Oh yeah time line well I guess that was about 12:30. Then we went in search of the infamous Globe trail.
Well, after about an hour of driving around we stopped to get some gas and we were going to try and call someone that might be able to tell us where the trail is.  Well, no one who knew anything was home or we couldn't get a signal on the cellphone.  As we were pulling out of the gas station in pulls two guys from the trail blazers yahoo. They told us how to get to the trail and we were on our way.  Time line 1:30 or so and we haven't eaten lunch yet. (no big deal we know where the trail is) well we get on the trail. 

First is a stream crossing then we air down before we get to the hard stuff.  We went around a turn and there was the first real obstacle a washed out hill well Kevin was in front and then the truck then the other 4 Runner then the zuki and then me.
Well, we all got out and looked at it.  Kevin decided to go around and so did the other two Toy's.  Well, that left me and the Zuki . 

Well, Mike got in the zuki and started up was doing OK then he slid into the V and was pressing the side of his zuki into the dirt.  Well he was in so what the heck so he gave it Heck .( in case any kids read this)  He made it a good way up then he wouldn't go anymore so we busted out the winch and got him up. (not too much damage just a little bit of dirt and some scratches)  Then it was my turn i was trying to straddle the V but it was too steep on the one side and i slid down into the V.

Well i had to get out now so i gave it some gas and bumped my way up and out .  ( yahoo ) (not too much body damage just pushed the front fender back about an inch) Oh yeah time line now its about 2:30  (still no lunch but getting hungry )  ( We wanted to find a camp sight to make camp and eat lunch)

Well we are on our way again nothing too spectacular.   Then someone said "I think the Big Rock is around here somewhere ."   Well, not too much farther was the Big Rock (about Toyota size) well we all pulled up close and took a look.
(Darn that's a BIG ROCK)

First off this took a lot longer than I am going to explain.  Kevin gave it a try got hung up so we had to winch, Frank gave it a
try and got hung up we had to winch, Mike (98 4 Runner) gave it a try and got hung up and we had to winch (but first we had to take apart his push bar because the winch wouldn't go on with the lower bar in there (he had one of them that you can put in the front or the back)) , Mike (zuki) gave it a try got hung up we had to winch, then it was my turn to give it a try and guess
what i got hung up and had to get winched . ( well i think we are all good at winching now) oh yeah time line well it must be 5:30 now (still no lunch some of us are getting snippy) 

OK Now we are trying to find somewhere to camp so we ride and ride and ride.  time line 6:30  We are now on the ridge line of the mountain I think it was getting dark.  Then Kev gets hung up on a stump we are talking about just camping on the trail . ( I think we are all ready to be done wheeling for the day) 

Well Kevin gets off the stump and we are on our way again we are still looking for somewhere to camp . ( nothing on both sides but brush and trees like a tunnel . ( plus its dark)  Well we get to these two trees that are real close we all need help to get through.  We had to get the come along out to get the 98 4 Runner through . ( Oh yeah we had to take off part of his push bar in the front to keep it from mashing into fender) The zuki just slipped through then me I rubbed tires but that was it. Time line oh about 8:30  (Still no lunch getting ready to sleep in our trucks) 

Well we drove some more and some more and some more then we get to a T in the trail. (DOH)    Well Mike in the 4Runner says well according to the GPS i have hooked to my laptop it says we need to take a straight to get back to Globe Road . (DOH) 

Well we take a left (We flipped a coin) and that was a good idea after some water crossings (a few were kinda deep) then we came back out on the road.  ( well dirt road) I have never been so happy to see road in my life.

OK time line check 9:30 PM  (still no lunch and we aren't ready to camp yet) So we are airing up with the zuki .(onboard air is the bomb) Well that's when i say i don't care about camping i want a bed so we go to Lenior and get two rooms at the days in and order pizza about 10:00 PM we got to eat lunch (ahhhhh Finally) Well that's it at least the way I remember it. All in all a
good time.