Tellico in November 2001

We ran out of daylight trying to get from Slickrock back out to trail 1.

Scot, Brian, and myself went over to Lower 2 to watch the action in the dark.

There was a Land Rover Discovery with a broken transmission being winched the entire length of Lower 2.   It was extremely slow going.  They had 2 winches hooked up and were barely moving the thing.

There was some sort of Chevy monster truck making lower 2 look like a stroll in the park.

Finally there was a well built YJ hitting it hard.

The YJ kept trying to get past one ledge.  He would get mostly up onto the ledge and then get stuck.   Each time he would back down completely off the ledge (clang, bash, boom) and hit it again.  Harder.  Finally with a loud bang, he quit moving.  Some guy looked underneath and said, "Looks like a u-joint, no wait, it got the axle too, hey!  there are parts all over the place, looks like the entire housing is broken!"

We took that as a signal to head for the steak house.

John Harper