2007 CNC  Tellico Run

 August 23-26, 2007

Murphy, NC

by John Herr

Thursday, no issues towing, the drive wasn't bad at all once we were west of Raleigh/Durham. We arrived at Tellico cabins around 5p, and we were unloaded and playing on the rock garden. First damage of the trip Ken broke a front axle shaft on the rock garden. But thanks to a special delivery from Steve, he had a replacement by Friday morning.

Friday, we head for School bus, on the way my Toyota dies, battery is dead. I swap batteries with Ken, and keep going. We picked up the first round of body damage, on the ledge after the hill climb, Scott dented his DS rear 1/4 panel, and Steve ripped a flare. Next obstacle
is the squeeze, no issues there. Steve and I split from the group,
there were low on gas, and I needed to fix my charging problem. The rest of the group head to lower 2 and then upper 2. Everyone picked up some body damage on upper 2 Scott and Craig have the same dent in
the PS rear 1/4 panel. Ken broke his PS rear window, and Bruce
dented his bed.

Saturday, Dave has joined the group, and we head to Guardrail then Helicopter Pad. Dave put on a show for us, Ken walked it, and one of my link ends came apart. I took the bypass to start replacing the link end, but I did hear Dave come up (his v8 sounds GREAT, esp when its bouncing off the rev limiter). After the link end is fixed, I noticed my slight PS leak has become an issue, and I was low on gas.
Dave and I broke off from the group to go back to the cabins, and the rest of the group hit Slick Rock. No body damage or breakage to report.

Sunday's drive back wasn't bad. We hit some rain just west of black mountain, and Ken had his hubs locked. It was smooth sailing till Raleigh, and we hit some more rain.

Overall it was a great trip, I am really looking forward to the next trip to Tellico.

More Pictures
(Steve Fischer's)