Tellico Recon 9/98

By Dustin Tarditi

The Four Horsemen gathered at the Murphy Best Western Friday night.We all sacrificed the monthly club ride to recon Tellico for the upcoming club trip in November. The myriad of hybrid trucks and "purpose built" rigs lent credence to the notion that Tellico is home of the best 4-wheeling east of the Mississippi (and then some!)

Saturday morning rolled around... After outfitting the coolers for the day trip to Tellico, we headed out towards the ORV area. It was about a 20 minute trip. We paid the ORV fee, aired down, and hooked up our straps preparing for the worst...

The trails were in very good shape. Rich Kolbush and myself had the shortest clearance and had a few teetering moments as our x-fer case skid plates engaged the rocks. The best line is often just a few inches to the left or right from the one you took! :-)

Vehicle damage and rollovers are not entirely uncommon at Tellico. We chose our trails based on the vehicular capabilities of our club members, not what we had on our rigs. We  emerged unscathed.

On word of caution - stay focused. I was pretty tired from the work week beforehand and I had trouble concentrating. My skid plates bear testament to my level of attention. The terrain in increadible, the obstacles are very technical, and the scenery is breathtaking. I don't want to spoil the surprises for anyone by noting every obstacle we crawled over. Take a look at the pics. See you all there November-98.