Uwharrie National Forest


First Documented Trail Clean up


VW_Rock-1.160.jpg (8192 bytes) On a recent trip to Uwharrie, our club members came upon a Volkswagen Beetle stranded in the middle of the trail.  The car's brakes were frozen, and it could not be pushed off the trail.

This was definitely the results of someone not interested in "Tread Lightly".

VW_Rock-2.160.jpg (8099 bytes) Since complete removal of the "Bug" from the park was impossible, CNC-4x4 members Bridger Newman and Scott Campbell decided to use their highly capable vehicles to remove the bug from the trail.
VW_Rock-3.160.jpg (8550 bytes) After much winching, the bug was removed from the trail.

This exercise was to clean up after the IDIOTS that left the trashed car in the woods.

If you feel the need to do something like this, please think again!

VW_Rock-6.160.jpg (5879 bytes) With the bug off the trail, the little caravan continued happily along, so we could notify the Rangers of it and get it out of the National Forest.