Crawford’s Campgroup

 In Murphy near Tellico’s famous off Road trails.   Possible camping location for a future Tellico event.

 By Keith Douglas


During the week of July 11 through 14 I attended NAXJA’s (North American XJ Association) annual Tellico Cherokee Crawl.  This year the event camped out at Crawfords Campground outside Murphy. 


Crawfords is just outside of Murphy nestled in the mountains of SW North Carolina near  the Tellico recreation area.

It was approximately a 300 mile drive to Crawfords from Chapel Hill.  It took just over 6 hours …not a bad drive with a real nice scenic  rolling hills for the last two hours.


Crawfords is located about 8 miles outside of Murphy.  My son and I  drove through Murphy about 1am.  Not much going on Wednesday night in Murphy at 1am.  From what we saw no much night life at any hour in Murphy.


Crawfords greets its guest with a white CJ showing  the way.  You drive by the repair shop , past the gas pump(about 10 cents a gallon higher than in town but definitely worth it to avoid the drive), a man made rock garden and an RTI ramp on the way to the camp sites.  All of these are available for the use of the guests .



 This picture shows an XJ trying its hand on the RTI ramp ,  the rock garden is in the background with the repair shop building behind that.  When NAXJA was there The shop and all its tools were for rent for $20 an hour.  Welding was extra on a job-by-job basis. 


The Campground was clean with gravel driveways.  It rained almost every day so the gravel kept it from being muddy.    Each site could easily accommodate two jeeps with plenty of room near by for trucks and trailers.


Typical Camp site.  Clean, plenty of graveled parking, picnic tables, and a bubbling brook behind it to offer a scenic view out of the tent.


Out in the middle of the camp ground were the bath rooms.  6 rooms, each with a sink, toilet and shower in a separate room.  Plenty of privacy, plenty of hot water, and a heater in the entry way to keep things warm.





Looking from the bath house across the center field towards the camp sites.  A long line of XJs are  getting ready to hit the trails in the morning.  It was about a twenty minute drive down asphalt and gravel roads into the trails area.  The top of trail 2 was the first entry point after the trail head checkin .


After a day on the trail it was very entertaining for a group to congregate at the rock garden and RTI ramp and stretch their legs.



Sporting 38s on a custom long armed XJ, Larry Chark out of Ohio is directed through the rock garden by Ron Stevic (in the black t shirt).  The rock garden had obstacles that challenged anything from a stock rig up to the big guys like Ron and Larry .  Not bad for a modified grocery getter.


All and all Crawfords proved to be a great place to hold an event.  Plenty of room, clean bath houses, great campsites, and most of all everything a four wheeler needs to keep his or her rig out on the trail. 


For those not interested in camping at Crawfords, Murphy had plenty of cabins and hotels within a short drive.  It would be very easy to congregate in the morning at the Trail Checkin.


Crawford’s Campground
P.O. Box 298
Murphy, NC 28906

Rates (Per 2 people per site):
$16.50 for sites with water, electric, firewood, Table, trashcan, and firing.
$20.50 Full hookup sites includes all of above plus sewer
$6.50 Primitive sites
$6.00 per additional person

From traffic light in middle of Murphy, go west on Tennessee St.- Along Joe brown hwy. To flashing caution light, - turn right, go approx. 5.5 miles to intersection of Davis creek road and Beaverdam road. (Davis Creek road is way to Tellico) take left road, which is Beaverdam road. Approx. 3.8 miles to large JEEP sign on right. Turn right cause u r here.