Harlan County, KY /
Black Mountain OHV Area

Last updated 4/16/2007
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Metro Area Minutes Miles
Greensboro 5h 20m 278
Raleigh 6h 30m 357
Winston-Salem 4h 50m 251


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ORV Fees
  • The Harlan County OHV area has a cost per day to ride. We are encouraged to head into town for dinner, movies, etc. to support the local economy.
Trail Summary
  • Most trails are accessible to stock (unmodified) four-wheel drive vehicles.
  • Individual trails vary in length but the OHV area networks trails into approximately 40 miles of contiguous trails with minimal recrossing.
  • Many trails provide obstacles requiring the use of a spotter or trail guide
  • The toughest trails are only possible in the most extreme rigs and should be left to experienced drivers with full safety equipment, a full roll cage, and a screw loose between their ears.
  • Many of the toughest trails are near access roads that allow groups with a wide range of vehicle capability to stay together.
  • Trail ratings range from 1-10 [1-10 scale]
Terrain Summary
  • The Harlan County OHV area is made of former logging and mining trails cut into mountainous terrain.
  • The area offers several rock gardens that range from being suitable for mildy built rigs to full blown buggies.
  • There area has many steep but graded hills comparable to Dutch John (Uwharrie) but longer.
  • There area large rock outcroppings that provide opportunities to drive out of an endo or test your rock climbing abilities.
  • Many of the tougher trails have climbs on dirt/rock/tree roots that require a rig capable of holding up in extreme terrain.
  • The area also offers steep unmaintained hills that are only suitable for very capable climbing rigs or sand rails.
  • Primitive camping is free and available near the Harlan Trail head.